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- specializing in Star Wars film locations -

So you've seen the movies, read the book and spent all your money on the toys. Why not visit the land where it all started... Tunisia.

Tataouine Tours is the definitive guide to Tunisia's most sought-after destinations and can provide you with guidebooks, video presentations, map sets and up-to-date information on Star Wars The Phantom Menace and A New Hope filming locations.

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Tataouine Tours:
On Location Guidebook

It doesn't take a hyperdrive to reach Tatooine. Let us guide you from the shores of Jerba, across the hills of The Ksour and the dunes of the Sahara, to a planet not so very far away. Read our reviews.

Tataouine Tours:
Video Documentary

Tataouine Tours will be returning to Tunisia in February 2002 to shoot new footage of the locations, to cover ANH, TPM and AOTC locations. The "locatumentary" will be available in VHS (PAL & NTSC) and DVD when AOTC is released. Please contact us if you with to be informed when it is available.

Tataouine Tours: 
Map Set

There won't always be a Sandcrawler to pick you up if you get lost, so take advantage of this detailed collection of road and site maps so that you can enjoy all the locations.

Tataouine Tours:
Travel Area

Hungry for news on Tunisia and Tataouine Tours updates? Want to know what other Star Wars travellers have found? This is the section for you!

I accept PayPal, the #1 international payment serviceTataouine Tours is able to accept international electronic payments through PayPal. And In Association with are now affiliated with Amazon Books, the world's top on-line booksellers. Visit their site for more guidebooks on Tunisia, or view our recommended reading list. Tataouine Tours can also provide you with accurate road maps of Tunisia to aid your trip. Visit Maps WorldWide to view their excellent selection.

Tataouine Tours also offers a number of reference articles and multimedia resources that are open to all visitors to this site. The Articles section holds numerous magazine, newspaper, book and on-line essays covering many aspects of Star Wars, travel and tourism in Tunisia. The Multimedia pages have pictures and Real® video clips to give further background on Star Wars locations in Tunisia. A new section aimed at those who require Travel information has been opened. The Links pages hold an exhaustive array of on-line, book, film, and magazine references to Tunisia as well as ONTT addresses around the world. Please feel free to get in touch if you need to Contact Us.

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