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Behind the Scenes:

The Lost Scenes
This collection of Real video clips show the lost footage from the start of A New Hope when Luke notices the battle above Tatooine, his attempts to convince his friends at Tosche Station, and the final farewell between Luke and Biggs Darklighter.

David West Reynolds: Location Documentary
A series of Real video clips shown on the BBC is July 1999, it documents several key filming locations from The Phantom Menace and A New Hope.


Tunisia on TV
On August 8th, 1999 the programme "Holiday Makers" aired on British TV with a piece on the safari tours to Star Wars locations. Watch the Real streaming video here.


Tunisian Architecture
This Discovery Channel documentary discusses the nature and purpose of the Berber pit dwellings in and around Matmata, and the stylish ksar at Hadada.

Picture Gallery
So, you're standing in the middle of Ajim surrounded by buildings that look like they've been teleported off Tatooine. How are you going to know which is which?

Tatooine Maps
Just in case you ever get stranded on Tatooine you'll need reliable maps. Download these maps from Hasbro's Complete Galaxy Tatooine and Star Wars Technical Journal (202 Kb).

"It's Like war Now" - External link
Lynne Hale, of Lucasfilm, kept a diary of the making of Episode 1. View her video interview with Rick McCallum, as he relates the difficulties and triumphs of filming in Tunisia.

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