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Behind the Scenes:

Return to Tatooine - the article that started it all!
David West Reynolds is the man who kicked off all the interest in visiting Tunisia when he rediscovered the filming sites in April 1995. Read his account on how he tracked down locations that had been lost for nearly 19 years.

Tourism Puts Matmata On The Map
What changes has the Troglodyte town of Matmata seen since it was invaded by Star Wars over 20 years ago?

The Rise of the Empire
In December 2000 German film magazine, Hollywood, published an article with exclusive photos from the Episode 2 sets near Tozeur. Read the article and review the pictures here.

"...not to be travelled lightly"
Baking sun, sandstorms and rogue robots. Dan Abnett describes the rigours of location shooting in Tunisia.

Germans, glue and greeblies
"I'm never gonna get out of here!" complained Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. For actor Anthony Daniels, getting there was tricky enough...

Bonfire of the Utinies
Before Anthony Daniels could fly hot foot from Tunisia, C-3PO had to toss a few Jawas on the BBQ.

Lynne's Diary Part 9
Lynne Hale of Lucasfilm kept a diary of the events of making Episode 1. Here she and Rick McCallum recall Tunisia's biggest storm for 20 years.

Heads turn on The English Patient tour
Film fans on The English Patient safari get a treat at the hands of the Force when they stumbled upon a secret Star Wars Episode One set under construction.

I know what you did last summer
Cast, crew and producer take time to reflect on the conditions and difficulties of shooting the Tatooine scenes of The Phantom Menace in Tunisia.

Storm hits desert location
The Sahara desert isn't always light breezes and clear skies. The two times that Lucasfilm have shot on location near the Chott they have been hampered by unusual weather. Read the account of the second storm to hit Tatooine in 20 years.

Empire Building
This chapter, taken from the title Empire Building by Garry Jenkins (Simon & Schuster Ltd, 1997. ISBN 0-684-82092-7), describes the 1976  shoot in Tunisia in great detail.


A Postcard from Tunisia
An excellent tale of two American's trip from Tunis to Tozeur, with wonderful descriptions of all the delights they encountered.

...Buy the Props
Most people won't find the village of Mos Espa on any map of Tunisia, but this lucky reporter from the Daily Telegraph did in the summer of 1999.

Travelling in Tunisia
In 1999 The Times newspaper published an article on how the film fans drawn to the Force are making Tunisia a hot tourist destination.

The Caves of Matmata
Matmata, the location where the interior of the Lars' homestead was filmed in 1976, has been continually inhabited by natives tribesmen for over 3000 years. Get a flavour of their uniqueness in this travel article.

Tunisia Strikes Back
Some people go to Matmata, where they filmed the opening scenes of Star Wars, by tourist buses, but as Juliet Coomber discovered going by donkey would be more in keeping with the Berber cave dwellers.

A Taste of Tunisia
David Coomber shows that a traveller in Tunisia needs more than a phrasebook and passport. They need a will to experience the unusual, and a club to beat off the hawkers.

Ships of the Desert
Amar Grover recounts his marathon drive from the resorts of the northern coast, across the Nefzaoua plain and the Chott el Jerid, and comes to find that the La Grande Dune isn't as remote as he thought it was.


Tatooine in the real world
Have you ever wondered how Tatooine stands up to scrutiny by science? Read this fascinating discourse on Tatooine's hypothetical hydrology, morphology and atmosphere.

Mos Espa Map
View an aerial map of the set that Lucas built in the Chott El-Gharsa for the filming of the Mos Espa scenes.

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