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The guidebook is available once again at StarWarsLocations. See here.

Tataouine Tours: On Location Guidebook

Jeremy Beckett
1st edition
published November 2000
185 pps/ A5 format / 28 maps
ISBN: 0-9539510-0-6
10.00 (equivalent to: US$15.00/AU$25.50)
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The guidebook is available once again at StarWarsLocations. See here.

Have you ever wanted to see all the places where George Lucas filmed The Phantom Menace and A New Hope? Imagine standing in the exact place that Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn battled Darth Maul, or to visit the house where Ben lived - with this guidebook you can! On Location gives you all the facts you need to get to Tunisia, accommodation and restaurant guides, travel tips, and detailed maps and directions to all the locations used to film Episodes 1 and 4.

  • 28 detailed maps, including route guides and location Star Wars specific maps

  • all the information you need to get to grips with Tunisia's history and diverse culture

  • accommodation and restaurant listings for all major towns

  • extensive coverage of many other interesting activities

  • updates of Episode Two locations in 2002 (2nd edition)

  • updates of Episode Three locations in 2005 (3rd edition)

The guidebook is available once again at StarWarsLocations. See here.

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Tataouine Tours: Map Set

maps researched and edited by Jeremy Beckett
1st edition
published July 2000
16 x B&W pps/ A4 format / 27 full-size maps
7.00 (equivalent to: US$10.50/AU$18.00)

  • highly detailed black and white maps throughout

  • included in Tataouine Tours: On Location Guidebook but are larger scale

  • all details match up - no confusing place-name variations

  • every page is laminated for protection and to let you make notes

  • packed flat

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Tataouine Tours: Location Sand

9 x 70 gram bags of location sand
13.50 (equivalent to: US$20.50/AU$35.00)

This unique set of Star Wars memorabilia comes from 3 The Phantom Menace sites, including the Mos Espa set built in the remote Tunisian desert, and 6 A New Hope locations. They were all collected by Tataouine Tours staff and are guaranteed to be the genuine article.

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Tataouine Tours: Video Documentary

colour / PAL and NTSC formats / approx. 60 minutes
15.00 (equivalent to: US$23.00/AU$38.00)

On Location hits the small screen! Made whilst researching the guidebook and map set, this documentary was compiled for Tataouine Tours staff to use as additional research material - now we are sharing it with you. This 60 minute travelogue takes you on a voyage across Tunisia, from the Dune Sea to the bustling spaceport of Mos Espa. Ideal for those who want to get a taste of Tunisia before they go, or can't make the journey themselves.

Please note that different countries have different video broadcasting formats. Tataouine Tours tries to offer as many formats as possible in order accommodate as many countries in the world. Check here to see what video format you are. Unfortunately we cannot offer neither PAL-N or SECAM versions of the Video Documentary.

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Tataouine Tours: CD-ROM Collection

1 x 650 Mb CD-ROM / DOS format / Windows '9x
25.00 (equivalent to: US$38.00/AU$64.00)

This compilation CD-ROM contains a bounty of Tataouine Tours goodies:

  • On Location guidebook in PDF format

  • Map Set in PDF format

  • Video Documentary in Real Video format

Rather than purchase each separately why not get them in this handy format, that lets you watch the documentary at work or home, and print out as many copies of the guidebook as you want (as long as you're not giving it away!).

System requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 95 or 98

  • 16 MB RAM

  • 40 MB hard disk space

  • 2x or faster CD-ROM drive

  • 256-color or better monitor

  • Sound Blaster or compatible sound card

Note: you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader and Real Networks G2 Player to view the files on this CD-ROM. Don't worry they are both free.

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