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Review #1

"Tataouine Tours: On Location is an excellent and useful help for finding all the correct SW locations. Having already been to Tunisia a couple of times I especially appreciated the rich background information you are giving on the country, environment, towns and settings which are directly connected with the different SW locations."

N. Reber, Germany

Review #2

"For the better part of the last decade I often wished that someone would take the time to share their expertise and write a guidebook about the various Tunisia sites used during the filming of the Star Wars Trilogy. I was thrilled to find Jeremy Beckett's well-written and well-researched Tataouine Tours: On Location Guidebook to Tunisia.

I have long wanted to visit Tunisia to see the places that hold such a dear place in my heart. The most difficult obstacle to overcome was the sense that I could not possibly explore the country with no knowledge of the land and people. This book has changed my outlook on the feasibility of traveling to Tataouine - it IS possible!"

J. Axtell, USA

Review #3

"This book will not entertain children or just any fan for that matter. Tataouine Tours: On Location explains in detail the culture, history, and amenities Tunisia offers as well as highlighting the background of the specific locations chosen for Star Wars.

I recommend it to those interested in geography, geology, and meteorology as Mr. Beckett did his fair share of scientific research about the land that stands between the Mediterranean and the Sahara. From desert ecosystems to geological history; everything about Tunisia's landscape is covered."

Josh Weiselberg, USA (Rogue's Gallery)

Review #4

"Tataouine Tours: On Location is an astonishingly detailed guide to the areas of Tunisia that George Lucas and company chose as a backdrop for the desert/Tatooine scenes in both ANH and TPM. Everything from local flora and fauna to customs and history are explored within. Exacting details on every filming location has been carefully recorded - allowing visitors to explore even the most remote locations that enjoyed only a split-second of screen time, or didn't make it to the big screen at all - Toshi Station, Mos Eisley, Ben's hovel, Beru's kitchen - it's all waiting for you.

The guidebook is a spiral bound affair with a soft laminated cover - designed for use in the field, and contains page after page of simple easy to read maps. While I can't imagine undertaking such an epic trek without this terrific aid, the book is not just for those seeking a vacation under twin suns - it is a fairly compelling read on its own. With the imagery described within burned into my mind via repeated viewings of our beloved trilogy, being able to read a detailed account of the journey gave me the distinct sense that I had been there myself. It also manages to instill within its reader an overpowering urge to actually consider partaking in such a desert odyssey."

Chris Holoka, USA (

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