Rocky Peak Park - Simi Valley, CA

Tracking down some Mandalorian filming locations from S02E06.

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One of the first things I noticed while watching The Mandalorian - Season 2, Episode 6 - The Tragedy, was how much it looked like Simi Valley. I've done some hiking in Santa Susana area before and the rocks and landscape are very distinctive. These are crazy times though and I kind of just pushed it to the back of my mind to look into again sometime later when things returned to normal. A recent post by Star Wars Places on Facebook inspired me to head out in search of these locations a little sooner though.

And I found some of them!
Landing area - Stormtropper battlefield
34°16'20.3"N 118°38'11.2"W

There were some angles that I wasn't able to locate or maybe they added them later back at the studio on the Stagecraft set.
Rocky Peak - Slave 1 flying in
34°17'30.3"N 118°38'11.8"W

This location was much further out and I had to scramble up some rocks before the angle started getting close.

Before adventuring out, I checked out a few hiking sites for info on the trail, parking etc:

There were actually some people who stumbled into the production while they were filming back in Feb. 2020 and posted it on TikTok here:

Check out more pics:
2020-12-20 Rocky Peak Park - Simi Valley, CA
Mandalorian S02E06 - Rocky Peak Park - screenshots

There is one scene that I was really hoping to find, but I never came across it. The scene I missed is where Fennec is running away from blaster fire along a rocky outcropping. I found a trail photo that someone had posted that lines up almost perfectly so it has to be out there somewhere. Hopefully someone else will find it and share the details or else I'll have to head back out again.

All Trails rocky-peak-summit-trail.png



A conversation on the Facebook post identified the Fennec location that I missed. Now I need to head back out to check it out Smile
Fennec running from blaster fire
34°16'37.8"N 118°38'13.9"W

Plus, Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian - Making of Season 2 premieres on Disney+ on December 25. Maybe there will be some other helpful clues from this about this location and others.



I'm already thinking of my next visit and after getting familiar with the area a little, it's a lot easier to line things up in Google Earth. I've identified several locations I missed last time and it's amazing how good they look. I'll get a kml file with the coordinates ready to share once I finish locating a few more.
Google Earth composite shots

This is what I have so far for the kml file. I'll keep looking and refine it some after my next visit, but many locations line up really well in Google Earth:
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