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Rocky Peak Park - Simi Valley, CA - Part 2

Tracking down some more Mandalorian filming locations from S02E06.

Star Wars stories
Last week we went out in search of locations from The Mandalorian - Season 2, Episode 6 - The Tragedy, and found a few that you can read more about here:

There were several scenes that I wasn't able to locate, but with some help online and the use of Google Earth I was able to find the area I missed. It turns out I was looking on the wrong side of the trail during the first trip and walked right by these. Plus there are a couple of prop rocks in the some of the scenes that can throw you off some.


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Rocky Peak Park - Simi Valley, CA

Tracking down some Mandalorian filming locations from S02E06.

Star Wars stories
One of the first things I noticed while watching The Mandalorian - Season 2, Episode 6 - The Tragedy, was how much it looked like Simi Valley. I've done some hiking in Santa Susana area before and the rocks and landscape are very distinctive. These are crazy times though and I kind of just pushed it to the back of my mind to look into again sometime later when things returned to normal. A recent post by Star Wars Places on Facebook inspired me to head out in search of these locations a little sooner though.

And I found some of them!
Landing area - Stormtropper battlefield
34°16'20.3"N 118°38'11.2"W

There were some angles that I wasn't able to locate or maybe they added them later back at the studio on the Stagecraft set.

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Where did they film the Ewok movies?

Star Wars stories

I've never seen anyone post pictures or talk much about the filming locations used in the Star Wars Ewok Adventures TV movies. The area seen in them definitely looks like the hills and forests around Marin County and that's what the filming location is listed as in IMDB. It makes sense that they wouldn't stray too far away from Skywalker Ranch also since they would have had a limited budget with a made for television movie.

Up until now, I haven't given it much thought, but a recent article I stumbled upon included a familiar looking rock in the background. In fact, it was Big Rock Ranch, directly next to Skywalker Ranch. You can even go for a hike on a trail that starts there. I wonder how many other recognizable Ewok movie locations can be seen along the trail? If I am ever in the area again, I'll definitely try going on a hike in the area.

Marin County Parks & Open Space
Bay Nature Institute
Big Rock in Novato
Big Rock Ridge
Map of the Lucas Valley Open Space Preserve

Ewok Adentures

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Buttercup Valley, CA

Star Wars stories

I was born and raised in Yuma, AZ and remember very fondly the filming of ROTJ back in '82.  It was the worst kept secret in the world as the locals had been told that there was a horror movie being shot.  All you had to do was stand on the corner of 24th Street and 4th Ave. in Yuma and watch Carrie Fisher get out of one limo and Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford get out of another at the front of the Stardust Hotel.

For anyone that is interested, I know VERY well the area where that barge scenes were shot as that was my playground growing up in Yuma.  I have personally scavenged pieces of the set for my own personal SW collection.  I do not currently live in Yuma, but I go back often because my family still lives there.  If anyone is interested, the next time I go, I can make an announcement and take anyone who wants to see the remainder of the set out there to see it.  It is between Glamis and Buttercup Valley and not far from the area that the final battle scene from the movie Stargate was filmed.  I have some really fond memories of riding sand rails out to the set and watch with binoculars the production of a phenomenal movie!

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me!  My name is Corky Cobon and I would love to pass on my knowledge of ROTJ being shot in my home town!  

Corky Cobon


London Pt I: Star Wars Traveller - Naboo (a.k.a. Watford)

Star Wars stories

Whippendell Wood in Watford (just north of London) was used in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

I went there on December 23rd 2010 when it was covered in snow so it looks more like Hoth than Naboo. Not quite as much detail as other Whippendell entries on this site but interesting to see the shots in the snow. You can see the article here:


I'd like to thank the people on this site who have been there before and made it a bit easier to line up some of the screenshots.

Kind Regards

Euro Trip Pt VI: Star Wars Traveller - Naboo (a.k.a. Villa del Balbianello)

Star Wars stories

In August 2010 I went to the Villa del Balbianello in Como to do what many others have done and re-create the screenshots from Attack of the Clones. You can see the match-up's at the following link:

Euro Trip 2010 Pt VI: Star Wars Traveller - Naboo (a.k.a. Villa del Balbianello)
Euro Trip 2010 Pt VII: Star Wars Traveller - Naboo (a.k.a. Como)


Return to Endor

Star Wars stories

My name is Patrick Ireland and this is my story. I was born in 72 and in 77 when i was 5 my older brothers took me to see Star Wars at the local drive in. We were living in Fortuna CA at the time and we saw Star Wars A New Hope at the State Theater which had a huge drive in at the time. Huge Fan! Anyway when Lucas came to Humboldt County to film the Endor scenes for Return of the Jedi my brothers knew about it and we were there!

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