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Visiting The Set
Star Wars in Death Valley

This section of the site was inspired by Star Wars Insider #48. This Insider featured an article by archaeologist David West Reynolds on the locations used for shooting some of the second unit pick up shots in Death Valley, CA. The article was very thorough with directions and pictures from most of the major locations. SWFans staff member Brandon Alinger recently made the trip to CA all the way from MD, and there are a few locations not covered in the article which we have shown here. We suggest you order this issue of the Insider and read the whole article for yourself. The SW Road Trip article also suggests many other Star Wars related destinations in California, such as ILM headquarters, etc. After looking through this section of the site, we think you'll be as excited as we were to learn that you can actually visit many of the original Tatooine locations without ever needing a passport! Stay tuned next summer for when swfans makes the trips to the locations in Tunisia!

Star Wars Visiting The Set Menu

Map of Area of D.V. where SW Locations are Concentrated

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