Canyon Quiz Answers

Did you identify the filming locations from Star Wars, Raiders Of The Lost Ark and The English Patient?
1. Several answers for this one:
· Luke offering target practice as he enters the canyon
· Looking towards Mos Eisley
· Episode 1 pod race sniper
· A pat on the back (and a Boga Lemonade) if you recognise this scene from The Little Prince
2. The 3 Sandpeople were photographed up against this rock (OK, so not strictly part of the filming but a well known photo all the same!)
3. A scene from The English Patient.
4. Another English Patient scene ‘the cave of swimmers’ was built here, a frame covered in fibreglass and plaster.
5. The Procession of the Ark commences along this ridge.
6. The Gestapo officer takes a seat on this rock and Marion is restrained.
7. Several scenes from The English Patient featuring the pointed rock.
8. Indy tries to stop the proceedings.
9. For the close-up Indy repositioned himself back against the big rocks.
10. Luke and C3PO catch up with R2D2.
11. Tusken attack!
12. Lukes landspeeder is stripped here …
13. … whilst Luke lies here unconscious …
14. … and R2D2 hides beneath this huge rock.
15. George and Alec discuss their profit share scheme (again just a location photo).
· Or you could have spotted this from The Little Prince.
16. Indy slips into the procession.
17. C3PO is helped back to Ben’s house.
18. Jawa Rock.
19. The Sandcrawler.
Bonus Question:
I forgot this rock which was used in … (see next page)

… framing this shot of Alec Guinness’ entrance.
I hope you enjoyed this (it was fun putting it together) and if you have any extra information about the canyon please leave some feedback.

Jan 2007
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