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Hi All,

This is my first post in the week that I've known about this web site. You all are doing a bang-up job documenting SW sites! My hat is off to you!

Anyway, on the left are 2 sandcrawler model pictures on the site.
My impression is that they've been posted so that the mountains can be used to locate where the sandcrawler model was shot. However, as some of you might already know, the picture is useless as a location guide. Since nobody has commented on it yet (as far as I can tell), I'll tell you why:

According to the book "Sculpting a Galaxy" by ILM sfx guru Lorne Peterson (pp. 76-78), that scene was shot for the 1997 Special Edition version of ANH. It was done on the roof of ILM in northern California. The mountains are fakes sculpted just for the scene. It actually replaces real scenery in this shot below.
Peterson's book gives the original model filming site as a dry lakebed near Randsburg, California.

I hope this helps solve one mystery,


by DominoDoggy

I've been a Star Wars fan since 1977. My desire to visit the shooting locations began around 1978 or '79, but I didn't actually make my first trek to one until 2005 (the original ILM HQ in Van Nuys, California). I'm working on visiting as many filming locations as I can.

So far I've been to:
Original ILM site, Van Nuys, CA
Death Valley, CA
Buttercup Valley, CA
Sandcrawler model site (location not yet revealed!)
Landspeeder film site (location not yet revealed!)
The Lot (former MGM site)

I'm very proud that after 2 years of seacrching, I finally found the lost Sandcrawler locations, and I'm zeroing in on more lost ANH locations.
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In that scene, very short (no more 10 seconds), you see jawas' sandcrawler (with daylight) going on in a flat with mountains around, before the meeting (this in Tunisia) with Luke and his uncle in the droid's trade.



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