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Jeroen's Guide To Como - part 3

Location 6: Villa Balbianello - Gondola Arrival at Lake Retreat
Located on the lakeside of the Villa this scene shows Anakin and Padme arriving at Padme's home, this is old the docking area of the Villa, located in a protected area behind the walls.

ANAKIN and PADME walk up the stairs from where the water speeder is parked onto a terrace overlooking a lovely garden. Behind them, PADDY ACCU follows.

(This picture was taken from the promotion booklet available at the Villa shop.)
Where the above picture shows the area from the correct angle nowadays you're unable to get down to the entrance, it's locked and we were not allowed in.

Location 7: Villa Balbianello Boat arrival - Naboo Lake Retreat
The pictures seen on the extras dvd and on quite a few websites are actually the area where currently the people arriving by boat enter the villa grounds (and not located in the same place)

The Garden entry just when you get off the boat, first picture shows the details from the making of dvd, the other the same view during our visit.

The Docking area just when you get off the boat, first picture shows the details from the making of dvd, the other the same view during our visit.

Location 8: Villa Balbianello Loggia - Padme's Room
The Loggia, located in the garden of the villa is the shooting area of 2 main scenes, Padme's room and the morning meditation. The first is shot in the left building of the loggia
The first picture is taken from the extras dvd, the next pictures are from the visit, weather had improved and the sun was shining.

... ANAKIN picks up another hologram. It shows PADME at age ten or eleven. She is wearing official robes and standing between two robed legislators. Her expression is severe.
PADME: (continuing) My first day as an Apprentice Legislator. Notice the difference?
PADME pulls a face. ANAKIN grins. She continues packing. ANAKIN sets the two holograms down side by side -the beaming little girl, and the stern, unsmiling adolescent. ...

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