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Jeroen Swanborn sent in a great report on the Lake Como area that is now available. Thirteen seperate filming and behind-the-scenes locations are covered. There were a couple of posts in the forum recently about these scenes, so hopefully this will answer everyones questions. Jeroen, thank you very much for sending this in and sharing your adventure with us.

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wonderful job....I love that you included shots from the actual filming right next to your photos. 

I too had to make my way to Naboo. How fortunate you went at the same time of the year that George was filming AotC.  I arrived in early May, 2006.   and was also lucky enough to have learned about Gigliola and went on almost the same tour.    She is terrific, isn't she?  She arrived at the hotel with a Padawan braid in her hair.       I have to return....until I do, I've enlarged one of my photos at the wedding scene to poster size.

I just hope the meadow/picnic locale is still in existence since the farmer who owned it sold it to developers.   What a shame.

Even without the magic parallel of Star Wars this is the most beautiful place I've ever seen.

But if you love Star Wars the experience seeing and being in the same place that George, Anakin and Padme were...well, if you're on this site, you know what I'm talking about!

I am Lovelucas on all the Star Wars boards but in Darth Real Life I am Linda..

and I thank you.




Dear Linda,

Thanks for the kind words, I never thought someone was going to post to my trip details kindly hosted here at Star Wars Locations.  Indeed I know the feeling you were talking about.  I keept the trip details exaclty as I made them for my fellow pioneers to make sure it show the feelings anyone will have during a similar visit, I'm pleased it brought that to you as well.

Kind regards, Jeroen

Jeroen - still enjoying your wonderful photos and story - and I am curiousgeorge, not anonymous but real name is Linda -
I'm still hoping for a return trip to the gorgeous Lake Como/Lake Retreat and have kept in touch with Gigliola mainly bugging her with more and more questions. I think I found the picnic site from satellite photo and asked Gigliolia to confirm and she did, said I was right!
It's here:
and this is what she had to say when I asked if it was correct:
The picnic meadow is Via San Martino (leading to a small church up in the mountain) and yes, it is in the green spot (left side) between the village and a white winding ine whichis rock surfacing from the mountain."
She also gave me all the exact details (again) on the filming: what was filmed in which sequence etc., and which days of the week. The last day of filming was on her birthday!
Please let me know if you and your wife would ever consider a 2nd trip and perhaps a SW group with you - I'd be first to sign up!
P.S. - she also said this when I wrote about your great photos: "Yes, Linda - Jeroen and his family were my customers, and very kind people"
curiousgeorge aka anonymous

A thought occurred - feels like Yoda with the younglings during training... Since I found the picnic site via satellite (see earlier post) perhaps you'd also like to find the actual Villa - if you go here actually takes you centered over Isola Comacina - so you have to go slightly right to see the peninsula and the villa, but then you can scope in closer.
you can zero in to the Punta Balbianello - the extended peninsula - the villa is right at the end there...and you actually can get even closer...and yes, I'm obsessed.