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Welcome to Blue Milk: "Star Wars In Everyday Life"

Just as Luke, Owen, and Beru were in constant need of blue refreshment and nourishment in the arid climate of Tatooine, so too are we as Star Wars fans in need of recharging on a regular basis. Fandom has to be nurtured, cultivated, encouraged, excited, and inspired. That's what this section of SWFO is all about.

This is the place where we gather to share our many experiences through Star Wars fandom. You'll find photographs, trip logs and journals, just about anything you can think of relating to the exeriences of the average, (or not-so-average), Star Wars fan. Come and join us. Maybe, just maybe, you might be inspired by a couple of the things that you'll see here. This page might take you, your fandom, and your friends to places that you've only dreamed of until now. As a matter of fact, that's precisely what happened to us, and that's what we want to share with you.

So take a look around, and share some of your experiences with us. That's what this is all about. Until then... May The Force Be With You.

Road Trips

SWFO's Western U.S. Quest, or "The Trip - Pt 1" 3-10-02 through 3-18-02


Current Blue Milk

SWFO's Western U.S. Quest, or
"The Trip - Pt 1"

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