Matmata lies 43 km (26 miles) south of the coastal town of Gabs, which lies on the Mediterranean coast. The small town of Matmata was unknown until the release of Star Wars and has suffered from its fame ever since. Since the coming of tourism many locals have moved into a Nouvelle Matmata, 15 km (10 miles) north, as much to benefit from electricity and water as to escape the hordes of holiday makers who peer over the rims of the traditional houses.

Matmata is famous for its underground dwellings, attributed to indigenous Troglodytes. This is a misnomer for two reasons; firstly it was the medieval Matmata (the local Berber tribesmen) who dug out the subterranean homes and not Stone Age cavemen. Secondly Matmata is only one of a number of villages in the area that pit dwellings feature, all of which deserve a visit to compare the tourism-impacted lifestyle of Matmata's residents to those villages that hundreds of tourists a day don't get to see.

extract taken from Tataouine Tours: On Location
Hotel Sidi Driss - ANH Lars' Homestead (Interior)

Hotel Sidi Driss - this underground hotel was the other-world location used to film the interior scenes of Luke's home (the Lars' family homestead). From here Luke argued with his Uncle Owen about his fate and the forthcoming harvest, we saw what Aunt Beru kept in her kitchen, but never knew where Luke slept - until now!

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