The south of Tunisia is famous for its remoteness and the unique Berber fortresses, the ksour, which dot its hills. The region has been considered the fringe of Tunisia since the Middle Ages when Arab traders avoided its roads, preferring instead to travel the coast and avoid the Berber, who were notorious bandits and readily drove out foreigners.

The south's arid mountains and steep escarpments dip down towards the Grand Erg Oriental arm of the Sahara, and have never been highly populated. Nowadays tourism, agricultural investment and the oil industry have helped change the northward migration of its populace.

extract taken from Tataouine Tours: On Location
Ksar Medenine - TPM Anakins Hovel Ksar Hadada - TPM Slave Quarters Ksar Ouled Soltane - TPM Slave Quarter background

Medenine - is the chief town of the south. The fourteenth century fortified granary (ksar) was used as the exterior for Anakin's hovel and for slave quarter background scenes.

Ksar Ouled Soltane - is another ksar. This remote hilltop village, nestled in the hills to the south of Tataouine was also used for slave quarter background scenes.

Ksar Hadada - in the hills to the north of Tataouine is the small village of Hadada. The ksar there was used for several scenes among the balconies of the Mos Espa slave quarters .

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