Well, as you can see we made it back to England rested and relaxed from our adventures in Tunsia. Once home I unpacked the souvenirs I picked up along the way: bags of sand, a desert rose, mica flakes given to me by the Mos Espa set custodian and a Mos Espa door panel from Hamida. I have to say that this was the best trip I've ever made, and I've travelled all over the world too. To see, touch and experience Tatooine at ground level was brilliant and I heartily recommend it to any one who can afford the time and money.

I hope to be making a return trip to Tunisia to revisit the all the sites I went to in 1999 and those covered in Episode 2. I'm planning this second trip for September/October 2001 and need travelling partners (I don't have a snowball's chance in hell of convincing my wife to come). If you seriously want to make the journey and can arrange suitable transport to meet me in London or Tunisia then please e-mail me to discuss plans. Check out Travel Plans for details as they emerge.

I've gathered all my experiences into a guidebook. If you are planning a trip and are unsure about how to go about it and want to know exactly where the filming locations are - this book is for you. It contains 200 pages of travel tips, directions, recommended restaurants and hotels, maps and detailed accounts of all the Episode 1 and 4 locations. Everything in this webpage is covered in Tataouine Tours: On Location. The guidebook will be available only from my website. If you are interested in more information on Tataouine Tours then fill out the form below and e-mail it to me.

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