At the moment I have made no concrete arrangements for my next excursion to Tunisia, but I am looking for travel partners to share the cost out. I am looking at October 5th, 2001 to make the trip so if you can spare the time and cash you'd be welcome to join up.

For the moment I propose that each person pays for his or her own travel to London where the group would meet up. From there the cost of air travel to Tunis, internal flights between Tunis and Jerba and Tozeur, vehicle hire and accommodation could be shared out amongst the group. By my reckoning the trip would cost 400 for a week.

On my part I would endeavour to take the group to as many Star Wars locations as possible. Barring flood, wars (joking!) and breakdowns 7 days is ample time to see all The Phantom Menace and A New Hope sites. At the moment the locations planned for Episode 2 aren't known but if they are all in the region that I've been told they are in then it still could be done inside a week.

NOTE: Though the trip is going to be based out of London that by no means limits the group to Britons. Any one of any nationality is welcome to join up. You even don't have to meet us in London - anywhere along the trip would be fine.

If you have any of the qualities listed to the right then
me and let me know that you are interested:

  • reasonably well travelled and open minded
  • have a current driving license and passport
  • have an insane interest in Star Wars
  • like visiting out of the way places
  • can tolerate hot weather
  • don't mind sitting in a car for hours on end
  • can spare ~400 and at least a week off work
  • can be depended on when it comes to finalising plans

(Updated 2 June, 2001)
Proposed Itinerary

Day One (Oct 6th):

  • Fly to Tunis and take a connecting flight to Jerba (9:30 pm)

  • Take rooms in Hotel Hadji (in Houmt Souk) and hire 4WD vehicles

  • Settle in for night

Day Two (Oct 7th):

  • EARLY START - 6am

  • Visit Sidi Jemour, the Corniche and Ajim (E4 - Toshi Station/Ben's hermitage/Mos Eisley Cantina & Street)

  • Drive to Medenine to visit the ksar (E1 - Anakin's Hovel)

  • Continue south to Tataouine and take rooms in La Gazelle

  • Day trip to Ksar Ouled Soltane (non Star Wars location)

  • Return to Tataouine and attend first ever Star Wars fan wedding in Tataouine.

Day Three (Oct 8th):

  • LATE START - 9am

  • Carry on to Ksar Hadada (E1 Slave Quarter locations)

  • Drive to Matmata

  • Explore Hotel Sidi Driss (E2 & E4 Lars' Homestead (exterior) location) and overnight there

Day Four (Oct 9th):

  • LATE START - 9am

  • Drive to Tozeur via Kebili and the Chott el-Jerid causeway

  • Stop at Sidi Bouhlel (Star Wars Canyon) on the way to Tozeur.

  • Check into Continental Hotel, Tozeur. 

  • Visit Chott el-Jerid (E2 & E4 - Lars' Homestead Exterior) and La Grande Dune (Dune Sea)

Day Five (Oct 10th):

  • LATE START - 9am

  • Hire guide and visit Chott el-Gharsa (E1 - Darth Maul's lookout,E1 & E2 Mos Espa set, E1 Royal Starship landing, E1 slave quarters and E1 Jedi duel)

  • remain in Tozeur overnight

Day Six (Oct 11th): (end of Star Wars excursion)

  • LATE START - 9am

  • possible trip to Raiders of the Lost Ark sites (Sidi Bouhlel and Kairouan) depending on interest

  • return to Tozeur and overnight at hotel

- or -

  • relax at pool, sun tan, souvenir hunt, camel rides, or whatever you want to do at your own expense

  • remain in Tozeur overnight

Day Seven (Oct 12th):

  • more relaxing - dune buggies, air ballooning, etc (at your own expense)

  • remain in Tozeur

Day Eight (Oct 13th):


  • Check out of hotel

  • Catch internal flight from Tozeur to Tunis (06:00am)

  • return flight to London (1:30pm)

Alternative - stay on a further week to holiday in Tozeur (returning October 19th, 2001 on 1:30pm flight).

Current Group Members:

BOLD - definite
ITALIC - maybe

Jeremy Beckett (UK) - group leader & 1st driver
Rachel Beckett (UK)
Pete Crone (USA)
Alex Walker (UK) - 2nd driver
Charlotte Walker (UK)
Chris Bailey (Subject Magazine) (UK) - 3rd driver
Daniel Gushard (USA/Italy)
Melissa Gushard (USA/Itlay)
Martin McNorris (UK)
Caroline McNorris (UK)

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