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I am planing to visit next year (sep 09) 5 starwars sites in tunisia: (1) AJIM (obi-wan's house), (2) CHOTT EL JERID (where luke watch two moons, episode 4), (3) CHOTT EL GHARSA (Mos Espa & small set), (4) MATMATA (luke's underground house) and (5) (maybe, not too much interested) KSARS (anakin's house, episode 1). I want to make this trip with a motorcycle, I have all GPS codes. But I don't want to be alone (it might be dangerous), I need at least one person. Does anyone interested???

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I'm exited to go, I give you that. But I can't. I've been there once and I'd like to go again. Maybe in 2010. Good luck.

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Don't forget to drop in at the Star Wars Canyon - its a wonderful place. Theres a Star Wars scene round nearly every corner.
Tunisia is perfectly safe for a single traveller, however you are in more danger travelling on the roads on a motorcycle. Tunisian drivers can be a little crazy sometimes.

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