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I was thinking:
I've recently been to Tunisia, and visited almost all the filming locations. I was very happy with all of them. The canyon hasn't changed anything, and Hotel Sidi Driss was a blast! Exept the Ajim bakary. Although it was a blast just to be there, at the same place Lucas and co filmed the Cantine 30 years ago. But I felt like I would be one of the last fans to visit it. Because the owner has either died or moved a long time ago, it's now falling apart. And I have the fealing no one will take care of it. Infact, it's a growing town so it will probably be flattened to the ground to make way of a new scool or something similar (the old school is next door).

Now I don't have the money for big projects. But I'd love to help in some way. I even thought about contacting Lucas films or Kevin Smith for fundings. It shouldn't be that much because Tunisia, as you all know, is pretty cheep.

What do you think?


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