Sunday, September 28, 1997


Well folks sorry for the delay in an update, but damn ISP problems are out of my hands. Why? Because, like you, I too am inflicted with a fading cursor from time to time. But... I think I have a treat for you. This came by way of the great Zinc Zeppelin. He runs between windows of buildings, upon clotheslines, and gathers information about everything. But in his recent metallic journeys, he came across a German Movie-Magazine called CINEMA!!! This sacred tome contained some pics of the set in Tunisia of Episode 1 (of Star Wars for those that don't know!) These daring Germans got in one of them Balloon things and did an aerial tour of the set, and even created this nice map you see here beside us letters!!! Click on it for a full size version where you can kinda read the red text!!!

The below pics where described as the remains of some jetfighter, but take a look folks, I think that is wrecks from a pod-race. Find the old descriptions I have of the race, and take a look at this stuff!!! I don't remember where it is, soon as the search engine comes on line (soon hopefully) it'll make it easier on both you and me!!! On the third pic, there is a pointy missle looking thing, that's Boba Fetts Backpack and was not on set, but rather in the layout of the magazine, pay NO attention to it!!!!

The pic below is the entrance to some sublevel apartment, the magazine thinks. Which basically means they don't know. Kinda reminds me of the ones from George Pal's TIME MACHINE though!!!

Here are two shots of the Junkyard that my spy (Imperial Droid) told you about. Hmmmm strange bit of confirmation, no? There is the crane. And then the second shot has the Space debris.

I know that first shot looks like a matte painting but it is NOT! Then how about that second shot below. WOW, that looks cool. I get the feeling there is gonna be more to that building than the set would lead you to believe. I think that will be expanded a few million pixels 24 times a second. Then that third shot is as the german spy crew descended from the sky!!!!

And finally the last 3 shots of this particular update!!! Just a few random shots around whatever town this is. Must say that crew over at CINEMA did a great job of getting these shots, and thanks to our spy in Germany known as the ZINC ZEPPELIN for providing me the pics for the rest of the world. Good world wide teamwork!!!

Have a good nights rest!!!! :)

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