6 October - Reports of E2 & E3 locations have started coming in already: 

"Rick McCallum, producer of the Star Wars movies has arrived Sunday evening in Tunis to work on the set of the second movie of the new Georges Lucas' trilogy scheduled to begin shooting by June 2000 from a well-informed source in Tunisia. A large part of the movie 'The Phantom Menace' was shot in Southern Tunisia especially in the dusty desert of Tozeur and in the 'Ksours' of Tataouine which later gave its name to Tatooine, the planet where the story unfolds. The region [Tatooine] is expected to be also the set for the shooting of the third episode."

18 June - Cinescape reports that Rick McCallum has mentioned that Portugal is a possible new location for Episode II filming in addition to the previously mentioned Australia, Tunisia and Italy. Location scouting will begin in July 1999 according to McCallum.