3 July AFP news agency reported that George Lucas has started work on a new Star Wars movie in southern Tunisia where he is building a huge landing runway for spacecraft. Cinescape has recently learned that new filming is going to be occurring at a location called the Ksar Ouled Soltane.

10 May - Cinescape reports that some filming for Episode II may take place in Tunisia as early as the summer of 1998. (3/20/98). In contrast to other reports, Prequel Watch reports that Episode III may not start shooting until a year after Episode II wraps.

17 March - The November 4th press conference in Sydney, Australia confirmed that Episode II and Episode III will be filmed at Fox Studios Australia in Sydney. In addition, Rick McCallum announced that Episode II will shoot in Italy and Tunisia.

12 March - Cinescape reports that further Episode I reshoots may take place in Tunisia in April or May of 1998. Previously, The Force.Net reported that Ewan McGregor was to go to Tunisia in January to do some filming for Episode I. Prequel Watch also reported that Natalie Portman and Liam Neeson were to be involved. [This information seemed unlikely as Natalie Portman was been appearing on Broadway in "The Diary of Anne Frank" and Ewan McGregor was filming "Rogue Trader" at the times of the rumoured reshoots.]

8 February - The filming of pick-ups in Tunisia have been held up because Ewan McGregor is suffering from a case of tonsillitis.

15 January - Filming on the re-shoots in Tunisia began on Monday [January 12, 1999]. 

1 January - Reports that Ewan MacGregor is going to film some scenes in Tunisia: "about 80% reshoots". Portman and Neeson will also be returning in mid-January for some reshoots, though Neeson will be shooting new scenes as well.