Tataouine Tours - This is the definitive source to Tunisia's most sought-after destinations and can provide you with guidebooks, video presentations, map sets and uptodate information on Star Wars The Phantom Menace and A New Hope filming locations.

Star Wars Traveler: Tunisia - Gus Lopez and wife, Pam Green, made their visit to Tunisia in 1997. Upon their return to the U.S.A. they compiled this extensive webpage which includes detailed location accounts, plenty of pictures, numerous wry comments and even latitude/longitude references for the high-tech traveller.

E2 Tunisian Trip - in September 2000 TK-421's Tim Veekhoven made a life-long dream a reality. He made stops at Ben's House and the Cantina in Ajim, and the Lars' Homestead in Matmata. Lucky lad that Tim is, Episode 2 set decorations were still in place at the Hotel Sidi Driss!

Geographic Star Wars Sites in Tunisia - Lionel Noetzlin made his trip in 1997 and kept very accurate documentation of all his finds. Lionel's homepage is full of very useful notes and photographs that are definately a boon to those planning to travel to Tunisia.

BikeAbout - is a group of charitable American teachers who recently cycled the circumference of the Mediterranean Sea to promote cross-cultural education. During their 10,000 mile ordeal they visited Matmata and Jerba. Though they mistakenly attribute the Mos Eisley cantina scenes to the Hotel Sidi Driss they never-the-less have an interesting site.'s Episode I Archive: Tatooine - The crew at have made this compilation of location photographs of the Mos Espa set during principal photgraphy in the Chott El-Garsa.

Ain't It Cool News - Location Revelations - In 1997 journalists from Germany's "Cinema" magazine hired an air balloon to fly over the Mos Espa sets in western Tunisia. Here are some of the revealing photos they took, plus a map of the location.


Star Wars Traveler: Finse, Norway - While journeying through Scandanavia in 1991 Gus happened to stop in the small town of Finse - otherwise known as Echo Base.


Old Movies: Humboldt County, California - Tom's Old Movies Homepage includes a great deal of information on the filming locations of feature films, documentaries, and T.V. movies throughout the counties of Northern California.

Old Movies: Del Norte County, Oregon - Although this county is not in California, Tom's Old Movies Homepage notes its contribution to the Star Wars Universe.


Star Wars Traveler: Caserta, Italy - This small site was inspired by a postcard sent by Kevin LaNeave while he was travelling through Naples.

Hever Castle - Official Site - Hever Castle dates back to the 13th century and is best known as the childhood home of Anne Boleyn. In 1997 it's gardens and moat were used for background shots of the Royal Palace at Theed.'s Epsiode I Archive: Naboo - This collection of spy reports was drawn up during the production of The Phantom Menace, so many of the articles seem dated and naieve. Nevertheless it is still an excellent source of location information.

Episode II - various:'s Episode II News - Keeping up with location rumours for Episode II is made easy with this offering from one of the mainstays of Star Wars fandom. This page has links to other possible Episode II locations.'s Episode I Archive: Other Locations - A chronological collection of rumours and suppositions of Episode II and III filming locations. This page has not been kept as uptodate as the aforementioned link.


Virtual Edition - Virtual Skywalker Ranch Tour - A rather unique look at one of the most hard to get to Star Wars locations; the headquarters of Lucasfilm and home of George Lucas.

Leavesden Studios - Situated just outside London, GB, Leavesden was the site of Episode 1 studio work and the final battle between the Gungans and the Trade Federation army. Take a virtual tour or visit the studios yourself, aided by the directions provided.

Elstree Film Studios - Borehamwood's most famous contribution to modern cinema was to ensure that this historic studio stayed open despite threats of redevelopment. Have a look around the sound stages and see what is currently in production. Has maps and directions to the studio.

Jawa Stu's Exclusive Jawa Finds - Currently hosting a number of EXCLUSIVE photographs taken at Leavesden Studios, England where much of Episode One
was filmed.

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