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Meet Your Tour Guide . . .

Two years ago, author and archaeologist David West Reynolds revealed his discovery of lost Star Wars filming locations in an exciting article in "Star Wars Insider." In photos and text Reynolds unveiled Lars Moisture Farm, Mos Eisely, and the cantina, looking much the same as they did when George Lucas and his crew departed central Tunisia over twenty years ago. Next month, Reynolds will lead Star Wars CCG World Champion, Raphael Asselin, and the tournament director of his regional qualifier, Francis LaLumiere, on the trip of a lifetime. Share the excitement as they prepare for their incredible journey to Tatooine.

T Minus 2.5 Weeks

by David West Reynolds

April 17 1997 - When the dust settled after Decipher's World Championship in Vail, two winning figures stood with tickets to another world. Their Grand Prize is nothing less than a Journey to Planet Tatooine.

World Champion Raphael Asselin and his tournament director Francis Lalumiere, both of Quebec, are now preparing for a unique adventure tour that will carry them to the actual Star Wars filming locations in Tunisia, North Africa.

These sites were brought to life as Luke Skywalker's home world Tatooine for Lucasfilm cameras in 1976. However, no one knew then that a worldwide phenomenon was in the making, and the locations of the filming sites were forgotten and lost until 1995. It was then that I mounted a search and re-discovered them all. I was later hired by Lucasfilm as a location consultant, and have now agreed to lead Decipher's World Championship winners on the trip of a lifetime.

Armed with a satellite locator system and the world's best file of information on the Tatooine sites, in just a few weeks I'll journey with Raphael and Francis to set foot into the desert planet images captured on the Star Wars CCG cards.

It's like stepping into a dream vision. You travel so far to reach these places, and then suddenly the real Tatooine is there before you. Look around 360 degrees, and all of it is Tatooine. You're in the myth, in another world entirely. Finally, you can see beyond the edge of the movie screen. Or in our case, the edge of the card.

Decipher's winners are now preparing for their imminent journey, which begins on May 1. How do you gear up for a trip to Tatooine, and what should a traveler expect?

You'll find out next week as we add another installment to the count down to Tatooine.

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