After some great trips in Tunisia, dedicated to the search of Tatooineplanet, I decided to share my vision of the filming locations of the 1977 movie "Star Wars, A New Hope" and the first part of the prequels which was filmed in August 1997.  I will cover each place one by one, give a rough description of their role in the movie, and comment their topology.

The "Archeology" file  provides picture of various elements of sets left behind by George Lucas team.  They are just bits of plastic to some, but treasures to others, yet they still are undeniably part of Star Wars myth.

I have enclosed a annotated map of Tunisia, that allows the reader to makeout the distances. To anyone who is ready to take up my journey I would advise to get documentation in advance by the local authorities on the risks of the particular trip (climatic conditions, shape of the roads, isolation of some sites).

I would be pleased to get any e-mail feedback and experience on the subject.

Many thanks to David Reynolds for having written his article "Return to Tatooine" (Star Wars Insider #27). Also thanks to the people who helped me to translate my text and to Philip Vanni for his information; he was one of the first fans to discover these sites in the early 90's.

Finally, I would be eternally grateful to George Lucas for having made of the Tunisian south the stage of his vision of Tatooine planet: not only are the sites more impressive in reality than they are in "A New Hope", but also the trips to this country have been an incredible opportunity to discover geographical wonders, a lovely people and fascinating archeological sites.