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SWFO's Western U.S. Quest

Websites Archive
This site was originally published by Carl Cunningham at:

Here is a version that was archived before it went down, click here.

I'd like to say thanks to Colin Kenworthy for scouring through web-archive.org to recover the html for this site and also for saving all of the Death Valley images long ago while the site was still up.

All of the images in the Modesto and Muir Woods galleries are missing so if anyone happens to have them, please let me know.

Tatooine or Bust I and II

Websites Archive
These sites were originally published by Kolby "Kahunna" Kirk but diasappeared after aurrasing.net went away.

Road Trip: Tatooine or Bust - April 8th, 2000
Pictures From Tatooine... er.. Death Valley
Road Trip: Tatooine or Bust II - January 20th, 2001


Kahunna is by far the biggest expert that I know of for Star Wars Locations in Death Valley. He has a great website on world travel at Kahunna.net and has organized several trips to Death Valley through the LiningUp.net message boards including these:
Road Trip: Tatooine or Bust V - November 21st, 2003
Road Trip: Tatooine or Bust VII - October 7th, 2005
Road Trip: Tatooine or Bust VII - October 7th, 2005 pictures