London Pt I: Star Wars Traveller - Naboo (a.k.a. Watford)

Star Wars stories

Whippendell Wood in Watford (just north of London) was used in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

I went there on December 23rd 2010 when it was covered in snow so it looks more like Hoth than Naboo. Not quite as much detail as other Whippendell entries on this site but interesting to see the shots in the snow. You can see the article here:

I'd like to thank the people on this site who have been there before and made it a bit easier to line up some of the screenshots.

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Thanks that's a great write up.

I normally go by train from London Euston to Watford Junction as it's much quicker than the slow underground train, although from the Watford underground station its quite a nice walk through Cassiobury Park to the Whippendell car park.
Its worth going in Winter just once so you can see the trees clearly. A lot of growth in the last 10 years can obscure certain shots in Summer.
There is a youtube video that shows step by step all the Whippendell locations, they're really not that difficult to find or far away.