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Here is a version that was archived before it went down, click here.

I recently won the tataouinetours.com domain in an auction so it nows points back to this site. One cool thing of owning the domain is that the code on the Banner Exchange page now works again.

The site that is archived here is mostly what was on the site when it went down but I brought back a few things from the first version including the photo gallery and a few other things.

In the Links -> Star Wars pages section there was a link to an Aint It Cool News article that I couldn't find on thier site anymore so I have archived it here as well.
Ain't It Cool News - Location Revelations

I have been working with Jeremy Beckett to get this site ready and hopefully very soon we should also have the Tataouine Tours: On Location Guidebook available as an eBook.

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