Star Wars Insider |  Death Valley Road Trip

Author/archaeologist David West Reynolds and friend/droid wrangler Chris Ossorio drove with me and an R2-D2 replica to Death Valley in search of Star Wars locations for an Insider article. Damn, it was hot.
Artoo looking for the spot where he met the Jawas. We never found it.
Artoo relaxes in the motel room. He ordered "American Pie" on the pay-per-view.
The star back at the spot where Ben warned Luke about that wretched hive of scum and villainy... L.A.
Artoo and I argue by the side of the road.
Artoo returns to the same exact sand dune he rolled through 25 years before.
Don Post loaned us this incredible replica of R2-D2 that we hauled into the desert. Thanks Don!
David West Reynolds returns to the motel room, as Artoo waits up for his lost friend.
I watch Dave replicate the sand dune shot from "A New Hope" with the camera we bought at Wal-Mart on the way.
Droid wrangler Chris Ossorio (who took many of these photos) dares follow the mad doctor into the heart of Bantha Canyon.
Chris and I celebrate our discovery of Artoo's dune with the droid himself.
6 a.m. at Dante's View in Death Valley. From 0 to 100 (degrees) in two minutes.
Dave and I lift Artoo into the van. We hadn't really thought about how heavy he was til we got there.
Could my shorts be any shorter? I think I bought them when I was 12.
I barge in as Chris and Artoo share a tender roadside moment.
When you've got a droid on a sand dune, the urge to pose for photos is overwhelming.
Like I said... overwhelming.
With Chris and Artoo at the Mos Eisley lookout.
Friends forever! ;-)
When they made Star Wars, the crew carried Artoo across the desert on a stretcher. Why didn't we?
Chris and Dave carry the droid over the dunes while I do the really hard work of taking their picture.