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For nine years this site has refused to publish the address of Skywalker Ranch.  As the Ranch has grown in recent years and more departments have moved to a public location on the former Presidio property, the Ranch's location is no longer as secret as it once was.  In fact, an episode of the first season of "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" mentioned the address: 5858 Lucas Valley Road.

Perhaps years of fans driving up to the gates labeled with the large 5858 numbers convinced Mr. Lucas to accommodate curious fans.  "Is it really possible to hike Skywalker Ranch," you may ask?  In a very real sense, today it is!

The ball started rolling when George Lucas donated 800 acres of Skywalker Ranch to create the Lucas Valley Open Space Preserve.  Nestled in that land is Big Rock Ridge a 1,887 foot tall summit which is the second tallest peak in Marin County.  From that height you will find views of the grounds of

"Is it really possible to hike Skywalker Ranch," you may ask?  In a very real sense, today it is!

Skywalker Ranch about five miles to the west.  It can be a fairly strenuous 3.5 mile climb to the summit.  Northern views include Mt. St. Helena.  East across the San Francisco Bay is Mt. Diablo and South is Mt. Tamalpais.  Big Rock Ridge separates San Rafael and Novato.  The hiking trail can be found by driving Highway 101 north past the Marin Civic Center and can be identified by the two communications towers at the summit.  Exit Highway 101 on Lucas Valley Road.  Follow for about 3.4 miles west and turn right on Westgate Drive.  Turn right on Creekside Drive about one tenth of a mile later.  Parking is limited along Creekside Drive near the small white gate.

There are no facilities along the hike.  Dogs are permitted on leash and even off-leash on the fire trails.

Big Rock Ridge Entrance






Big Rock boulder, the start of the hiking trail

A stunning view and still only halfway up the trail.  This is the town of Novato with Mt. Burdell in the distance.

Depending on the season, many types of flowers can be viewed or collected on a typical hike.










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