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There were a few other shots that we knew were shot in Death Valley, but were unable to find. These include a shot of the Jawas approaching the Sandcrawler with R2-D2 and several long shots of the landspeeder traveling across the Tatooine surface.

Shot of Jawas approaching Sandcrawler from SW:ANH

We asked Ranger Callagan about this one and he identified one of the mountains on the left as, I believe, Smith Mountain. The Insider article mentions that children from Death Valley Elementray School played the Jawas. Ranger Callagan mentioned something about children from the Indian Reserve being used as well. Hal Wamsley claims to have played the role of head Jawa for Death Valley filming, but this is highly controversial. He is, however, appearing on the men behind the masks tour. Lining up these three mountains will really be the only way to find this location. He suggested that this location might be off to the left on the side of the road which takes you to Desolation Canyon or Artist's Palette, but was unsure of the exact location. We hope to hunt for it in future D.V. trips, but we'd love to hear from you if you find it!

Shot of Landspeeder from SW:ANH

It will be very hard to find this exact location, because all the location details are blurred due to the nature of the moving shot. At the very start of one of the landspeeder shots in the film you can see a few distinct mountain formations. It may be possible to find the location using these. David West Reynold's article suggested these shots were probably filmed in a dry lake bed such as Owen's Lake or Searles Lake. However, a letter from a reader printed in Insider #50 claims that these shots were filmed near a road running through Devil's Golf Course. They probably didn't travel far from a main road, so we suggest you keep that in mind and use that tidbit if hunting for this location.

Shot of Sandcrawler from SW:ANH

It is also possible that the background for this shot is in Death Valley, though we can't be sure. Can you? If so, e-mail us.

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