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Visiting The Set - Dante's View

Dante's Peak is a rather famous overlook in Death Valley. After driving up what seems like miles of windy roads - complete with bottles of emergency water and "Put Vehichle in Low Gear to Avoid Overheating" signs - you come to the a small parking lot and a 360o degree view of the floor of borax flats a mile below you. Borax is a type of salt which is sometimes used by blacksmiths to repair cracks in Iron (this is accomplished through extreme heating). Needless to say, the view is breathtaking. So breathtaking that the second unit felt it should be the view seen by Ben, Luke and the gang at the Mos Eisley overlook. The city of course was painted in by a matte artist, but the view you see today looks almost identical to the one photographed 24 years ago.

The insider article pointed out you would know you
were facing the right direction upon seeing this sign.

GPS Coordinates
N 36o 13.230'
W 116o 43.613'
Elevation: 5468 ft.

Comparison shot - Spring 1976 vs. Oct. 2000

Same as Above - Film Shot Before City Was Painted In

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