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The location

Making our way down from the hill we had a good idea of where the Roman army had been stationed. We next chose to find the angle for the first establishing shot in the film, showing Maximus pausing for thought out in front of his army.

The establishing shot

The fortified Roman line is at right, facing left. The slope at far right is the foot of the emperor's hill.

The same view today

The area today looks very different from the blasted plain where Maximus saw the robin. Much of it is now covered by ferns and grass. Also the bridlepaths which divide the forest are surfaced with light sand, which shows up in stark contrast. However, beneath the sand is a dark layer - this led us to speculate that in the damp of winter the paths may simply turn brown and blend in. This view demonstrates once again the very logical position of the emperor on the hill to the right. The bulk of the battlefield is concealed behind the hillock at left.

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