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by David West Reynolds

June 20 1997 - David brings a close to the series of articles retelling the highlights of our World Championship Grand Prize, a visit to Tunisia, North Africa . . .

A Journey Remembered
The desert winds now fill our Star Wars CCG expedition's empty footprints in the sands of Tunisia. As you read this, the sun has risen over the still and quiet of Star Wars Canyon and the Jundland wastes, with perhaps only the cry of some distant donkey to break the solitude. Hauntingly similar to a Tusken Raider's roar, the sound is only part of the vast texture of a foreign land that is for us a foreign planet also.

The group I led really did travel in two worlds. Tatooine was ever-present in Tunisia, especially with the enthusiasm of fellow fans in the air. As much as I enjoyed the thrill of discovery on earlier missions, there was a unique experience this time in re-living a number of Star Wars scenes.

Tournament director Francis Lalumiere and I several times found ourselves sitting in exactly the positions taken by characters in the film, and the dialogue sprang to our lips as if it came from our hearts. This strange experience made the film seem like memories of a dream, while the more powerful reality was before us, and indeed, in us.

In the dining room of the Lars Homestead, we lived that table conversation, with the cool shadows of the courtyard outside and the exotic architecture surrounding us. There was nothing 'virtual' here: down to the very atoms and the air, it was all real. As I heard Francis' voice it was like hearing the words for the first time.

On another occasion, I looked up at Francis from the rock where Luke was attacked by the Tusken Raider. We were carefully re-creating the image from the film, and the others in the group waited nearby while the pictures were composed and taken. As his silhouette blotted out the harsh sun, I saw the streaming light around him, the blue sky, and the walls of the canyon and nothing else. The voices of the others faded and were lost, and in that timeless moment I was there beneath the Gaffi stick of a flesh and cloth Tusken Raider.

There on the rocks where Ben Kenobi and Luke once talked, so did we. "You know him?" I asked. "Of course I know him," Francis replied. "He's me."

In the dark recesses of an rough-carved alcove within an old ksar in the south, we sat across from each other at a table. Francis looked at me with guarded eyes. "She's fast enough for you, old man," I told him. Whole scenes took place, unbroken illusions that felt real. I could feel all of Tatooine around me, and it was as if I had always lived there.

Decipher's Star Wars CCG can, with the right person across the table, bring to you some of the experience of Star Wars, in a live, interactive way. With our Return to Tatooine we took that about as far as it could go. I hope that we have shared some of the spell of that journey with you, and may you find it in your own cards as well.

Capt. David West Reynolds

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