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by Francis LaLumiere

May 27 1997 - This is day 5 in a series of articles retelling the highlights of our World Championship Grand Prize, a visit to Tunisia, North Africa - to see, hear and taste in every possible way the locations used to shoot Star Wars twenty years ago . . .

Tatooine Memories - Day 5
From the Trip Diary of Francis LaLumiere

--- May 07, 1997---

The day started with an incredible thrill: David and I had breakfast in the dining room of the Lar's Homestead (the one with the weird painting on the ceiling), and we had set the place up accordingly. The table and benches were in the exact same angle used in the movie, and we proceeded to eat our food while doing the scene between Luke and Uncle Owen. You can't imagine how much fun that was, looking all around you and seeing Star Wars everywhere, with almost nothing to bring you back to the real world (we did have water instead of blue milk...).

Although our group's plans that day called for a trip to the paradise island of Djerba, where we would enjoy lunch by the Mediterranean Sea, and then a few hours on the beach (a well-deserved afternoon of relaxation), David still had to retrieve his glasses and he needed his faithful C-3PO to help him succeed in his quest. So it was decided that we'd get a cab ride all the way to Chenini and back to Djerba in order to join the rest of the group - hopefully in time for dinner.

As our Landrover driver Mohammed bargained in Arabic with the numerous taxi drivers who wanted our business, David said to me in a low pitched voice: "Most of the best freighter pilots can be found here. Only watch your step. The place can be a little rough." I heard myself automatically answer: "I'm ready for anything," and we both laughed out loud. We finally got a reasonable deal and the whole trip was surprisingly fast - maybe not under 12 parsecs, but pretty close. David did get his glasses back and we were able to enjoy a few hours by the sea too.

There was only one day left, but some of the most famous Star Wars locations remained to be seen.

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