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by Francis LaLumiere

May 23 1997 - This is day 4 in a series of articles retelling the highlights of our World Championship Grand Prize, a visit to Tunisia, North Africa - to see, hear and taste in every possible way the locations used to shoot Star Wars twenty years ago . . .

Tatooine Memories - Day 4
From the Trip Diary of Francis LaLumiere

--- May 06, 1997---

We were now in the area of Tunisia called the Ksour, whose beauties we would spend the entire day exploring. "Ksour" is the word used to designate a group of "ksar", and a ksar is a fortress-like construction with multiple small rooms, used to store grain and food reserves during the Arab invasions. To make them difficult to reach, most of the ksar were built in the mountains. To reach these isolated ruins meant lots of hiking. But it was well worth the effort.

The ksar have all been long abandoned, and time hasn't been exactly kind to them. But that's part of their charm: they all look like ancient towns where weird Tatooine species once lived. And there was a quietness to them that was very soothing.

Ksar Haddada really looked like it was part of Tatooine. The arches and white structures so characteristic of Mos Eisley (and the Lar's Homestead) were everywhere around us, and in pretty good shape too, since this ksar has been transformed into a hotel, and is thus taken care of.

But the most spectacular of them all was the one near Chenini, built like a castle on the mountainside, with exterior stairs and balconies. David actually forgot his glasses there, in the restaurant where we had lunch, but of course we didn't realize it until we were back at our hotel, just about ready to go to bed. Going back to fetch them would be an adventure in itself... but that's part of day 5.

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