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Hotel Sidi Driss

Scene of the Lars homestead (interior) from Star Wars - A New Hope. Here, Luke lives with his Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru Lars. The scenes were filmed here at the Hotel Sidi Driss. The exterior scenes were shot near Nefta, some 300KM away.

A rather lumpy panorama - with Nick making an appearance twice!

Lets go inside and take a look!

Download the QuickTime VR 360-Degree Panorama from inside the pit! (2.5MB)

(Right-click and Save file. Requires QuickTime)

The dining room where the family discuss Luke's future with them. Like the rest of the hotel, this room was redecorated when LFL filmed here in the summer of 2000 for Episode Two.


The 5 star bathroom facilities!

Our bedrooms for the night

Jeremy in the "bad boy" annex of the bedroom

Tomorrow, the long drive to Tozeur, via the Star Wars Canyon