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Mos Espa & Jedi Duel Scenes

This set was constructed for the 1997 Episode One shoot and was used as the "backlot" area of Mos Espa's slave quarters. Here Anakin conceived and built his Boonta Eve-winning podracer (and his freedom).

Scenes not shown in the theatrical release of The Phantom Menace placed Anakin asleep at the base of this wall on the morning of the Boonta Eve challenge. (On the right our guide, Jeremy, expresses his opinion of Jake Lloyd!)

About half of the set has since been buried under a HUGE sand dune - some 20M high. The remainder of the set will soon also be completely covered.

Construction method of some of the set is revealed. Polystyrene covered in muslin and plastered.

Portions of the set won't be standing much longer!

Much of the set is already crumbling.

Download the QuickTime VR 360-Degree Panorama of the yardangs! (1.6MB)

(Right-click and Save file. Requires QuickTime)