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Mos Espa's Slave Quarter at Medenine

Seen in Episode One - The Phantom Menace, these grain stores were used as one of the external locations for the Skywalker Hovel.

This location was seen when Qui-Gon Jinn, Padme Naberrie, R2-D2 and Jar Jar Binks took shelter from a rising sand storm, led here by Anakin. The two blue doors seen above were those of Anakin's dwelling.

This same location is later used as Anakin bids farewell to his mother, Shmi.

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We first take the ferry from the island of Jerba, and a short drive (50km) to Medenine, a market town.

The rooftops above the (tourist) market offer a great view.

The market square behind us.

Down at street level.

Download the QuickTime VR 360-Degree Panorama of Mos Espa's Slave Quarter! (2.4MB)

(Right-click and Save file. Requires QuickTime)

Back in the Punto

Only 12km before we reach Tataouine!