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Darth Maul's Lookout (Ang Jmel)

A cloud of sand as we head down the road - did I say road? Desert...

Hamida, our guide, watches as we race.
(I really shouldn't take pictures whilst driving and overtaking in the middle of the desert!)

"Spirito de Punto" fails us - an oil light on Alex's car!

Hamida's friend happens to drive by. A little more oil, and we're on our way again.

20KM down the desert road, we get out and walk the 1KM to Ang Jmel, or Camel's Neck. This road is impassable by Punto.

We arrive. Ang Jmel was the scene of Darth Maul's arrival on Tatooine, his dispatching of his Sith probe droids and where he began his pursuit of Qui-Gon (below). This location was also used as the airfield and base camp in The English Patient.

Download the QuickTime VR 360-Degree Panorama of Ang Jmel! (1.8MB)

(Right-click and Save file. Requires QuickTime)

Stunning views.


Could these be pieces of burned Pod Racer from the deleted Phantom Menace scene?

Passing the "yardangs", and onto the incredible Mos Espa sets.