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Anchorhead (Toshi Station)
& Mos Eisley Outskirts

Anchorhead played host to a deleted scene at "Toshi Station" where Luke says goodbye to Biggs. Also a short scene as Luke approaches Mos Eisley in his speeder, he flies between these two dwellings.

Also referred to by Uncle Owen Lars - "I want you to take that droid up to Anchorhead and have its memory erased", and Luke "But I was going to go up to Toshi Station and pick up some power converters!"

Download the QuickTime VR 360-Degree Panorama of Anchorhead! (2.1MB)

(Right-click and Save file. Requires QuickTime)

Jeremy, our Tour Guide, does the spiel.

"Let them roam free...."

Panorama of the coastline

Group Photo

Off to Ben's Hermitage