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1. Finse webcam online.
Finse (Hoth) now has streaming video from the train station. In an upgrade to one of their webcams, the station facing camera now provides streaming video. Now you can check the weather before you travel. http://www.bt.no/kamera/videokamera/article147.ece The photo webcam pointed across the frozen lake towards the glacier can be found ...
by ColinK on 11/15 02:29AM - Story - 21,349 Hits

2. Two New Finse WebCams
The Finse 1222 hotel has added two webcams bringing the villages total to 3. They can be accessed via a link on the hotels web page: http://www.finse1222.no Or individually: http://www.finse1222.no/www/uploads/webcam/Finse1222-Cam1.jpg http://www.finse1222.no/www/uploads/webcam/Finse1222-Cam2.jpg The third webcam can be seen here: http://www.bt.no/kamera/article147.ece?lang=en
by ColinK on 07/10 05:21AM - Story - 7,752 Hits

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