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1. Finse webcam online.
Seems they keep playing with the urls: http://www.bt.no/kamera/videokamera/Finse-stasjon-2479956.html http://www.bt.no/kamera/vaerkamera/Finsevatnet-2342753.html
by ColinK on 03/10 08:26AM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits

2. Tuskens Get Ready
This was one of my favourite DV spots.
by ColinK on 11/16 09:36AM - Media Gallery > Comment - 0 Hits

3. London Pt I: Star Wars Traveller - Naboo (a.k.a. Watford)
Thanks that's a great write up. I normally go by train from London Euston to Watford Junction as it's much quicker than the slow underground train, although from the Watford underground station its quite a nice walk through Cassiobury Park to the Whippendell car park. Its worth going in Winter ...
by ColinK on 05/07 07:23AM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits

4. Finse webcam online.
Glacier Web Cam. http://www.bt.no/kamera/vaerkamera/article1187816.ece
by ColinK on 11/19 06:19AM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits

5. Wellers - Tunisia, Death Valley, Randsburg
Please thank Mark, this is great research.
by ColinK on 11/15 02:11AM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits

6. Return of the Jedi Missing Lightsaber Scene
LOL, not me, but I expect it was shot at the same time as the road to Jabba's Palace. Twenty Mule Team canyon.
by ColinK on 09/10 01:23PM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits

7. Jaws Sandcrawler spot, Artist's Pallete, Death Valley
Beautifully lined up, and matched the lighting too!
by ColinK on 09/04 02:25PM - Media Gallery > Comment - 0 Hits

8. checking out the filming locations in "Star Wars Canyon"
I'm pretty sure this lines up with some behind the scenes photos or making of documentary clip.
by ColinK on 07/13 04:39PM - Media Gallery > Comment - 0 Hits

9. comparison shot of "broken C3-PO" on the set of "Star Wars - Episode IV: A New Hope"
Nice, most people walk straight past this one, miss it completely !!
by ColinK on 07/13 04:35PM - Media Gallery > Comment - 0 Hits

10. checking out the filming locations in "Star Wars Canyon"
Ootini !!
by ColinK on 07/13 04:25PM - Media Gallery > Comment - 0 Hits

11. getting lost near Sidi Bouhlel...
Absolutely spot on. That dark area / indentation on the hillside is / was the entrance to the map room.
by ColinK on 07/13 04:15PM - Media Gallery > Comment - 0 Hits

12. "Lars Homestead" igloo interior, Chott El Jerid
LOL, our group visited a few days after you and it was still there!! I had assumed it was left by you :-)
by ColinK on 07/13 01:03PM - Media Gallery > Comment - 0 Hits

13. Tunisia set rebuilding
I saw it last week, it looks amazing again! All the crumbling buildings have been restored. Those that fell down are gone for good though.
by ColinK on 05/30 09:49AM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits

14. esb06
In reality this is the other way round - this image was flipped for the movie! Bear this in mind if you go looking for this location.
by ColinK on 02/15 01:58PM - Media Gallery > Comment - 0 Hits

15. Naboo-170110
Good to get this tree in winter, in summer this tree can get a bit obscured by new growth and leaves.
by ColinK on 01/18 11:44AM - Media Gallery > Comment - 0 Hits

16. Naboo-170110c
Even in this outdoor location they had to cgi the hill in the background.
by ColinK on 01/18 11:41AM - Media Gallery > Comment - 0 Hits

17. Redwoods updates
The newspaper has recently reorganized its web pages, the new links are: In Focus: Episode I: Movie making 'Jedi' memories: Episode II: Locals look back Location, location, Episode III: Promoting ourselves
by ColinK on 03/03 03:49AM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits

18. Star Wars trek: Whippendell Woods - November 2001
I had no idea you had returned to the woods, nice write-up.
by ColinK on 10/26 03:40PM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits

19. Google Earth
Also big thanks go out to Jeroen Swanborn (Lake Como) and Mike and Angela Rush (Whippendell Woods) for their invaluable insight.
by ColinK on 06/08 02:03PM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits

20. Star Wars fan celebrates 30th Anniversary
Nice one Ian, good of you to remember :-)
by ColinK on 05/22 11:49AM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits

21. Tree Pruning
The tree on the left has been cut down, only a small stump remains. The thin tree sprouting from the base of the other tree has likewise been removed. The whole area is now part of a golf course and is easily reached from the roadside by climbing through the ...
by ColinK on 01/05 01:34PM - Media Gallery > Comment - 0 Hits

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