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1. Re: Non SW film sets near Douz
I've watched both films and recognise the sets from the movies but I haven't seen them in person.
by ColinK on 06/24 12:31PM - Forum - 0 Hits

2. Re: Yuma Filming Locations
Quote by: GMaass Colin, How hot was it when you were there? I'm considering walking out there. How long did it take in sand dunes to walk a half mile?? Did you have the GPS coordinates because some people I've talked to have said it takes hours to find out ...
by ColinK on 03/03 10:35AM - Forum - 0 Hits

3. Re: Saving (restoring) the Lars Homestead
I have this book, which I used a 15% off coupon for, and it is very well put together. The company that prints and binds the hardback books (lulu.com) do a very good and professional job. The book has quite a lot of pages hence the price and postage, but ...
by ColinK on 01/06 07:27AM - Forum - 0 Hits

4. Re: Finse
Thanks for sharing but why spend 5 days and goodness knows how much money just to spend 6 hours in Finse. Surely it could have been planned better and cheaper so as to give you enough to stay at the hotel for 1 night? 6 hours in Finse is just ...
by ColinK on 06/22 07:43PM - Forum - 0 Hits

5. Re: Yuma Filming Locations
I went out there in May 2010. I remember it was really quiet, we were the only ones in the car park and we only saw one person out riding the dunes on a motorbike. Later a couple of border patrol quad bikes stopped by to ask what we were ...
by ColinK on 06/22 11:10AM - Forum - 0 Hits

6. Finse webcam online.
Seems they keep playing with the urls: http://www.bt.no/kamera/videokamera/Finse-stasjon-2479956.html http://www.bt.no/kamera/vaerkamera/Finsevatnet-2342753.html
by ColinK on 03/10 08:26AM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits

7. Tuskens Get Ready
This was one of my favourite DV spots.
by ColinK on 11/16 09:36AM - Media Gallery > Comment - 0 Hits

8. Tataouine Tours: On Location Guidebook
written by Jeremy Beckett 1st edition published November 2000 140 pps/ A5 format / 28 maps ISBN: 0-9539510-0-6 DOWNLOAD A SAMPLE CHAPTER (180 kb) View the reviews our readers have sent in. Have you ever wanted to see all the places where George Lucas filmed The Phantom Menace and A ...
on 11/15 09:59PM - Products - 185 Hits

9. Re: My new Tunisia travel/ photography book!
Got my copy ordered, the book 'preview' was fantastic & I was sold! The photography is superb. I was there a day or two after you so this book has an extra special meaning for me. I should be reading it in 10 days.
by ColinK on 08/17 05:33PM - Forum - 0 Hits

10. Re: Trip to Tunisia
I'm sorry Rusis but although you were in the correct car park (where they filmed the Sandcrawler), it looks like you went off into the wrong canyon. At the car park it is possible to go into 2 canyons. Looks like you went into the one on the right.
by ColinK on 07/13 03:31PM - Forum - 0 Hits

11. London Pt I: Star Wars Traveller - Naboo (a.k.a. Watford)
Thanks that's a great write up. I normally go by train from London Euston to Watford Junction as it's much quicker than the slow underground train, although from the Watford underground station its quite a nice walk through Cassiobury Park to the Whippendell car park. Its worth going in Winter ...
by ColinK on 05/07 07:23AM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits

12. Finse webcam online.
Glacier Web Cam. http://www.bt.no/kamera/vaerkamera/article1187816.ece
by ColinK on 11/19 06:19AM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits

13. Finse webcam online.
Finse (Hoth) now has streaming video from the train station. In an upgrade to one of their webcams, the station facing camera now provides streaming video. Now you can check the weather before you travel. http://www.bt.no/kamera/videokamera/article147.ece The photo webcam pointed across the frozen lake towards the glacier can be found ...
by ColinK on 11/15 02:29AM - Story - 21,349 Hits

14. Wellers - Tunisia, Death Valley, Randsburg
Please thank Mark, this is great research.
by ColinK on 11/15 02:11AM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits

15. Jaws Sandcrawler spot, Artist's Pallete, Death Valley
Beautifully lined up, and matched the lighting too!
by ColinK on 09/04 02:25PM - Media Gallery > Comment - 0 Hits

16. checking out the filming locations in "Star Wars Canyon"
I'm pretty sure this lines up with some behind the scenes photos or making of documentary clip.
by ColinK on 07/13 04:39PM - Media Gallery > Comment - 0 Hits

17. comparison shot of "broken C3-PO" on the set of "Star Wars - Episode IV: A New Hope"
Nice, most people walk straight past this one, miss it completely !!
by ColinK on 07/13 04:35PM - Media Gallery > Comment - 0 Hits

18. checking out the filming locations in "Star Wars Canyon"
Ootini !!
by ColinK on 07/13 04:25PM - Media Gallery > Comment - 0 Hits

19. SDC10990
Not available...
by ColinK on 01/08 01:58PM - Media Gallery - 690 Hits

20. SDC10984
Not available...
by ColinK on 01/08 11:05AM - Media Gallery - 672 Hits

21. SDC10983
Not available...
by ColinK on 01/08 10:22AM - Media Gallery - 410 Hits

22. SDC10980
Not available...
by ColinK on 01/08 09:19AM - Media Gallery - 419 Hits

23. SDC10978
Not available...
by ColinK on 01/07 04:18PM - Media Gallery - 426 Hits

24. SDC10978
Not available...
by ColinK on 01/07 04:18PM - Media Gallery - 615 Hits

25. Two New Finse WebCams
The Finse 1222 hotel has added two webcams bringing the villages total to 3. They can be accessed via a link on the hotels web page: http://www.finse1222.no Or individually: http://www.finse1222.no/www/uploads/webcam/Finse1222-Cam1.jpg http://www.finse1222.no/www/uploads/webcam/Finse1222-Cam2.jpg The third webcam can be seen here: http://www.bt.no/kamera/article147.ece?lang=en
by ColinK on 07/10 05:21AM - Story - 7,752 Hits

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