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1. New accounts and comments disabled
I have disabled the creation of new accounts and allowing comments on the site for now. After years of running the site, there were only about 150 accounts that had been registered, but that has increased by 1,400 in the last week. So I will be locking these features down ...
by Admin on 01/29 07:08AM - Story - 2,153 Hits

2. Where did they film the Ewok movies?
Glad to hear that you liked the article. It would be fun to go looking for the filming locations and with everything done locally around Marin county it should be possible to find a bunch of them. If you sign up for the Kickstarter project running right now, everyone who ...
by Admin on 06/08 01:23PM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits

3. Re: My trip to Tataooine, er, Death Valley
That's great. I'm glad that you were able to find what you were looking for. It's a great time of year to be visiting Death Valley too, before it gets hot. If you ever want to share any photos you took or write an article about your trip, we'd love ...
by Admin on 03/14 05:04PM - Forum - 0 Hits

4. Re: Your web hosting provider?
Hi Still Batt, I'm glad to hear that you like the site. I agree that there is a lot you can even if you aren't able to travel to the location yourself. I don't get a chance to travel much right now, but there is plenty of content out there ...
by Admin on 03/14 04:45PM - Forum - 0 Hits

5. Re: My trip to Tataooine, er, Death Valley
Sorry Steve. I saw your post and meant to come back later when I had more time to see if there was anything I could find to match up with those locations, but I got busy with other things and totally forgot about it. Did you end up going out ...
by Admin on 02/26 03:03PM - Forum - 0 Hits

6. Re: Yuma Filming Locations
Hi Michael, Welcome to the site. I don't understand exactly what you're asking for in your question. Can you be more specific? Thanks, Bill
by Admin on 01/08 09:14AM - Forum - 0 Hits

7. Star Wars trek: Redwoods - June 2001
I did hear that it was on the list to be closed. It is sad and has me worried after reading of the vandalism that has happened at other parks that have closed.
by Admin on 04/23 08:21AM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits

8. Tataouine Tours: On Location Guidebook
written by Jeremy Beckett 1st edition published November 2000 140 pps/ A5 format / 28 maps ISBN: 0-9539510-0-6 DOWNLOAD A SAMPLE CHAPTER (180 kb) View the reviews our readers have sent in. Have you ever wanted to see all the places where George Lucas filmed The Phantom Menace and A ...
on 11/15 09:59PM - Products - 185 Hits

9. Location - Italy
Stories Jeroen's Guide To Como Star Wars trek: Tunisia to Norway - May 26 to June 26, 1999 Archived websites Europe Tunisia Trip Planets and films Naboo - Episode I, II, III Mustafar - Episode III Links Italy All Locations General info Google Earth George Lucas chronology Media Gallery - ...
by Admin on 06/30 09:37PM - Static Pages - 21,857 Hits

10. Location - Tunisia
Stories Colin's Canyon Quiz Canyon Quiz Answers Star Wars trek: Tunisia to Norway - May 26 to June 26, 1999 Archived websites The Geographic Star Wars Sites in Tunisia Real Tales from Mos Eisley Cantina Tataouine Tours 7Norfolk - Tunisia Journey to Tatooine Wellers - Tunisia, Death Valley, Randsburg Europe ...
by Admin on 06/30 09:34PM - Static Pages - 44,234 Hits

11. Archived sites
The Geographic Star Wars Sites in Tunisia Direct link to site (new window alert) Tatooine or Bust I and II Direct link 1 2 3 (new window alert) Location Hunting - England Direct link to site (new window alert) SWFO's Western U.S. Quest Direct link to site (new window alert) ...
by Admin on 06/30 09:33PM - Static Pages - 13,370 Hits

12. Make your pledge now for these great Kickstarter projects while there is still time left!
KICKSTARTER PROJECTS Help fund the restoration of the Star Wars - Lars Homestead "igloo" deep in the Chott el Gharsa Tunisian desert. For your pledge, you can earn some Rare Tatooine Collectibles like a Lars Expedition Certificate, Lars Expedition T-Shirt, and even a unique Tatooine Sand Wristwatch (Premium and Limited ...
by Admin on 06/30 09:12PM - Story - 5,888 Hits

13. In Tribute to Marcia Lucas
Great writeup on George's better half.
by Admin on 06/29 09:43PM - Links - 995 Hits

14. Europe Tunisia Trip
This website was originally published by Mitch Darby at: http://odin.prohosting.com/ac3fac3/2000/splash.htm Here is a version that was archived before it went down, click here.
by Admin on 06/17 08:52PM - Story - 5,612 Hits

15. Europe Tunisia Trip
This website was originally published at:http://odin.prohosting.com/ac3fac3/2000/splash.htm To view the site below in a new window, click here. Looks like your browser doesn't support inline frames. Click here to view 7Norfolk - Tunisia.
by Admin on 06/17 08:44PM - Static Pages - 4,355 Hits

16. Where did they film the Ewok movies?
I've never seen anyone post pictures or talk much about the filming locations used in the Star Wars Ewok Adventures TV movies. The area seen in them definitely looks like the hills and forests around Marin County and that's what the filming location is listed as in IMDB. It makes ...
by Admin on 06/14 11:36PM - Story - 19,601 Hits

17. Caravan of Caourage: An Ewok Adventure part 7 of 7
Not available...
by Admin on 06/13 11:41PM - Media Gallery - 554 Hits

18. Caravan of Caourage: An Ewok Adventure part 6 of 7
Not available...
by Admin on 06/13 11:41PM - Media Gallery - 684 Hits

19. Caravan of Caourage: An Ewok Adventure part 5 of 7
Not available...
by Admin on 06/13 11:41PM - Media Gallery - 573 Hits

20. Star Wars nostalgia in southern Tunisia
An article on "The National" by Suleman Din
by Admin on 05/17 05:11PM - Links - 49,171 Hits

21. deserto20
Thanks for posting the pics. It's nice to see how the set changes over time.
by Admin on 04/14 12:39PM - Media Gallery > Comment - 0 Hits

22. Trip to Star Wars Shooting Location
ROTJ Jabba's Sail Barge Site Tatooine The San Diego Star Wars Society has been making trips out to Buttercup Valley since March of 2003. Join them on Saturday, January 15 · 8:00am - 11:00am. Check out all of the details here and be sure to click the link to "See ...
by Admin on 01/09 10:18PM - Story - 9,477 Hits

23. 10 Cinematic Weekend Getaways
California Filming Locations: Searching for Ewoks on the Moon of Endor
by Admin on 01/07 09:51AM - Links - 1,262 Hits

24. Explore the Redwoods the Star Wars Way
Looking for a way to spice up a family day outdoors? Simple as pie. Dress up as your favorite movie characters and hit the trails!
by Admin on 01/07 09:48AM - Links - 758 Hits

25. How about ...
Doh, how could I forget Finse? I added it in there. Thanks.
by Admin on 01/04 06:42PM - Polls > Comment - 0 Hits

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