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1. New accounts and comments disabled
I have disabled the creation of new accounts and allowing comments on the site for now. After years of running the site, there were only about 150 accounts that had been registered, but that has increased by 1,400 in the last week. So I will be locking these features down ...
by Admin on 01/29 07:08AM - Story - 2,153 Hits

2. Make your pledge now for these great Kickstarter projects while there is still time left!
KICKSTARTER PROJECTS Help fund the restoration of the Star Wars - Lars Homestead "igloo" deep in the Chott el Gharsa Tunisian desert. For your pledge, you can earn some Rare Tatooine Collectibles like a Lars Expedition Certificate, Lars Expedition T-Shirt, and even a unique Tatooine Sand Wristwatch (Premium and Limited ...
by Admin on 06/30 09:12PM - Story - 5,888 Hits

3. Finse webcam online.
Finse (Hoth) now has streaming video from the train station. In an upgrade to one of their webcams, the station facing camera now provides streaming video. Now you can check the weather before you travel. http://www.bt.no/kamera/videokamera/article147.ece The photo webcam pointed across the frozen lake towards the glacier can be found ...
by ColinK on 11/15 02:29AM - Story - 21,461 Hits

4. Tataouine Tours: On Location Guidebook
The Tataouine Tours: On Location Guidebook is now available as an eBook in PDF format. See here for more details
by Admin on 02/25 01:38AM - Story - 4,407 Hits

5. Video section
[album:186 link:1 align:left]A video section was just added here. They are all embedded videos from other websites. So far I have only added videos from YouTube and MySpaceTV but I plan on adding new videos from other sites as I find time. If you have any comments or suggestions, I ...
by Admin on 10/19 12:22AM - Story - 5,091 Hits

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