Jeroen's Guide To Como - part 4

The room was completely rebuilt in order to protect the original interior, the rectangular floor tiles were given to the gardener after the filming was over. Those of us looking for the fireplace have been misled by the book "Creating the World of Star Wars" as that was actually built in front of this bookcase.
Location 9: Villa Balbianello Loggia - Storage Area
The other room of the Loggia was originally a study and library that was converted into a storage room for parts and pieces during the shoot.
Location 10: Villa Balbianello Loggia - Terrace & Meditation Scene
The archways of the Loggia are filmed a few times around Padme's room, at night and in the morning when it is the area where Anakin meditates.
The shooting took place in the same period of August. For some time the crew was worried the shoot would fall into the water but when the crucial scenes were shot it was dry.
This location looks out on the lake and is one of the most beautiful views I've seen in a long time. I don't know how they found this location but they sure did a great job.
ANAKIN is on the balcony overlooking the gardens. After a moment, PAMDE comes onto the balcony behind him. She sees he is meditating and turns to go.
ANAKIN: (eyes closed) Don't go.
PAMDE: I don't want to disturb you.
ANAKIN: Your presence is soothing.
In the back of this report I've added the detailed description of the Villa tour to give some more details about these amazing grounds.
Location 11: Villa Balbianello - Natalie dressing room
In one of the buildings next to the main entrance to the Villa the crew setup the dressing room and make-up area of Natalie.
If you look at this room you can hardly imagine that it was transformed into a crew area ... We didn't even dare to touch anything as all objects are one of a kind ...
Location 12: Villa Balbianello Garden - Anakin and Padme's Father scene
The garden area of the Villa can be seen on the extras dvd and shows Anakin in a discussion with Padme's Father.
ANAKIN and RUWEE are walking in the garden. RUWEE stops and faces ANAKIN directly.
RUWEE: Now tell me, son. How serious is this thing? How much danger is my daughter really in?
ANAKIN: There have been two attempts on her life. Chances are there'll be more. My Master is tracking down the assassins. I'm sure he'll find out who they are. This situation, won't last long.
RUWEE: I don't want anything to happen to her.
ANAKIN: I don't either.
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