Jeroen's Guide To Como - part 2

Location 3: Griante surroundings - Lucas parking and dressing rooms
The next stop was the meadow, this is located in Griante, just a few miles from Tremezzo. This scene is well known but actually only a very tiny element of the original shot remains in the actual movie.
On the way there you will pass a restaurant where Sir Alec Guinness spent quite some time with his wife and friends in the late fifties.
Before going into the actual meadow we looked at the surrounding locations, those included the Lucas Parking area (at the time covered by a huge white tent-like top to protect cars and other equipment)...
... and the house where Natalie changed clothes, this is actually the home of the farmer who owned the meadow at the time (he recently sold the land though). He was asked not to cut the grass to allow the scene to be filled with meadow flowers and high grass.
Location 4: Griante Meadow - Naboo Picnic and Shaaks playing scene
While we walk up a small hill I start looking around for some reference points and not long after that ... YES ... I've found it, the small cement structure on the right, which was in one of the pictures. Gosh, this is it, I'm standing in the scene.
PADME and ANAKIN are in the middle of an idyllic hilly meadow, its lush grasses sprinkled with flowers. At a distance, a herd of SHAAKS graze contentedly.
Beyond is the shimmering expanse of the lake. Several other lakes stretch to the horizon. The warm air is full of little floating puffballs. They sit on the grass, in a playful, coy mood, talking. PADME is picking flowers.
Gigliola explained many small details about exactly where the scene was shot and how they moved material through the field. These fields were the same fields where they shot the Vanity Fair images.
The SHAAK crosses in front of PADME, with ANAKIN riding it, facing the SHAAK'S tail. ANAKIN attempts to stand on the galloping SHAAK'S back, but the SHAAK bucks, and ANAKIN loses his balance and falls off. PADME laughs even harder. ANAKIN lies still. Concerned, PADME jumps up and runs to where ANAKIN is face down in the grass.
PADME: Annie, Annie! Are you all right?
She turns him over. He is pulling a stupid face at her and laughing. She yelps in mock fury and takes a swing at him. He catches her arm. She struggles. They roll over in the grass, embracing, and looking into each other's eyes. Suddenly, they become aware of the contact between them. They let go of each other quickly and sit up, looking away.
ANAKIN stands up and holds out his hand to her. She takes it. He pulls her up. And now they are easy together, not self-conscious any more. PADME scrambles up onto the SHAAK behind ANAKIN. She puts her arms around his waist and leans against his back. ANAKIN digs his heels in. The SHAAK starts forward, and they ride away.
Next we headed off in the direction of the Villa, but first a short stop at a less known location ...
Location 5: Lenno Offices - Lucasfilm Headquarters
Located in the nearby area of Lenno we find the Lucasfilm Headquarters in a big building which was completely taken over for the period in Italy.
Various meeting areas and computer rooms were filled with computers and production materials about the filming, such as schedules for the actors (when and how they were arriving / leaving etc)
On big boards there we details about what to shoot with whom, where and what items were needed.
Everything was done like one would expect the same location to be managed back in the States, all this for such a short period of time...
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