Jeroen's Guide To Como - part 1

---° Taking a walk around Lake Como, Italy ° --
by Jeroen Swanborn
For our family holiday to Italy this summer in August I got the idea of spending some time around Lake Como, where quite a few well known scenes of The Attack of the Clones were shot back in august 2000.
We were staying in Toscana but with a small (4h) R2-Detour this would be the ideal way to check out the scenes shot at Villa Balbianello and the surrounding locations.
Through some internet surfing and book reviewing I found quite a number of references, however in order to make sure "I would sit in the right grass so to speak", I contacted Gigiola. She is a professional tour guide, working in a nearby tourist office who worked with Lucasfilm while they were in Italy.
In a few more days, I'd be on location ... what an idea.
Preparing the way, getting to the meeting area:
Early in the morning we headed out to Como, a 4h drive was ahead of us. As we approached the lake it was raining quite heavily but still impressive.
We met Gigliola at the church of Tremezzo, it is easily found because of the yellow-red stripes.
Location 1: Tremezzo Public garden - Naboo Lake Departure
This location is found right in the centre of Tremezzo, the garden is located near the church where we met.
Natalie changed her clothes in this small building in the same area. The park looks out onto the lake and from here you can see the Villa Balbianello in the distance (the gondola was gone so we were unable to speed across the lake from here)
This was the scene where Padme and Anakin take the gondola to the Lake Retreat.
A water speeder driven by PADDY ACCU, the retreat caretaker, docks at the island landing platform. ANAKIN and PADME disembark the water speeder at the base of a lodge rising on the beautiful island in the middle of the lake.

(a pity those surfboards were attached, but it didn't spoil the feeling of happiness)
Location 2: Grand Hotel Tremezzo - Lucasfilm Crew and Cast during shooting
Before heading to the meadow we were able to stop at the hotel where the Lucasfilm Cast and Crew stayed during the shoot. This hotel, which has a minimum rate of 800 euros a night, was just a little above budget to get an inside look.
Natalie got ill after swimming in the lake (or was it pool?). For us the "grandeur of the hotel" was most impressive.
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