Wow! What a week... one that I will certainly never forget. It's taking me a while to process through all of my photos so keep checking back for more bits to the puzzle as they are unveiled.
  • Album: "ANH," "AOTC" and "ROTS" igloo set near Nefta dunes ("Lars Homestead" exterior)
  • Album: "ANH" filming location near Nefta ("Dune Sea")
  • Album: "TPM" and "AOTC" film set ("Mos Espa")
  • Album: "TPM" locations at Ong Jemal near the Nefta dunes ("Ksar Hededa repro. set and more)
  • Album: "ANH" filming locations at Sidi Bouhlel ("Star Wars Canyon")
  • Album: "ANH" and "AOTC" locations at the Hotel Sidi Driss, Matmata (Lars Homestead "interior")
  • Album: "TPM" location at Ksar Hedada (Mos Espa slave quarters)
  • Album: "TPM" locations in Medenine and Tataouine (Mos Espa slave quarters)
  • Album: "ANH" locations in Djerba (Mos Eisley, Ben's Hermitage, Anchorhead)
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